Working papers

  • The Regulation of Consumer Credit Pricing

Journal publications (peer-reviewed)

  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘The Calculus of Data Disclosure and Price Acceptance’, Journal of European Consumer and Market Law, 6, December 2021 (forthcoming)
  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘Personalized Pricing Using Payment Data: Legality and Limits under European Union and Luxembourg Law’, Reprinted from European Business Law Review, 31, 5, October 2020, 947-976, with permission of Kluwer Law International (text)
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Industry publications

  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘Draft Law N 7904’, Lexnow, Legitech (forthcoming)
  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘The No-Reading Problem of Consumer Law’, Lexnow, Legitech (forthcoming)
  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘The Law on Consumer Credit Disclosures’, Lexnow, Legitech, September 2020
  • M. Tjon Akon, ‘Disclosure of Personalized Pricing: A Discussion of the New Deal For Consumers’,  Lexnow, Legitech, October 2019
  • Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Elvinger Hoss, Fieldfisher, Letzblock, Loyens & Loeff and M. Tjon Akon, ‘A guide through the common features of digital asset generating events’, white paper, May 2019 (link).
  • Luc Courtois and Melvin Tjon Akon, ‘Nouvelles opportunités pour augmenter ses marges’, Paperjam News, September 2018 (article on MiFID II, in French) (link)
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  • Melvin Tjon Akon, ‘Regels omtrent ontslag van bestuurders in aandeelhoudersovereenkomsten’, Kienhuis Hoving, Nieuwsbrief Ondernemingsrecht, April 2015 (link)

Other publications

  • M.R. Tjon Akon, ‘Evaluation of price regulation procedures and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital: analyzing the coherence and consistency of the jurisprudence of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal’, July 30, 2016 (in Dutch) (text)
  • M.R. Tjon Akon, ‘Valuation of shares in case of shareholder buy-outs: a comparative analysis of judicial evaluation of valuation clauses in the legal systems of the Netherlands, Germany and Delaware’, Researchgate, July 2013 (in Dutch) (text)
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